About PMR

Potomac Management Resources (PMR) is an association management and event planning firm based in Alexandria, VA. We currently serve 18 nonprofit organizations ranging from less than 100 members to over 11,000. PMR is committed to providing the tools, skills, and expertise that volunteer leaders need to bring their strategic vision to life.

Background & History

PMR was incorporated in Virginia in 1998 and was originally known as Potomac Event Productions. The focus of the firm in its early days was the management of large-scale festivals and public policy conferences. In subsequent years, the firm expanded its focus to include fundraising support, volunteer recruitment for special events, marketing, and general administrative support.

In 2000, PMR took on its first association account, transferring the event planning skills of attention to detail, promotions, database management, and customer service into an added service offered by the company. In 2004, the firm’s name was changed to Potomac Management Resources to reflect its expanded scope of services.

In 2007, we launched our first fully customized CMS-driven client website. We have subsequently added a team of dedicated graphic designers and web developers, and have launched over a dozen association websites and specialized web applications.

Today, the company manages professional associations, trade associations, and foundations, both local/regional and national in scope. PMR also produces events including award shows, gala fundraisers, corporate functions/conferences, seminars, and trade shows.

Our Philosophy

An organization’s volunteer leaders are the heart and soul of an organization, and should be at the helm of all strategic decisions. The role of association staff is to implement these initiatives in the best way possible, through efficient operations and knowledge of operational best practices.

We also realize the challenges that our associations face: competition from other associations and from other commitments in members’ lives, and the demands of differentiating from other associations so that our client associations are valued as the premier resource for their members and industries.

We realize that volunteer leaders face challenges as well. They must meet the demands of their day jobs, family commitments, and involvement with other organizations, while striving to leave the association better than they found it. Association leaders choose to be involved out of a passion for giving back, for making a mark on their industry, and for developing the next generation of industry and association leaders. PMR wants to make that choice, and the resulting experience, a positive one for our client volunteers.

Our Staff

Many companies and individuals provide association management and event planning services. One way to differentiate PMR from other firms is our staff.

PMR’s staff is energetic, dedicated, and creative. We have an emphasis on client service and satisfaction. Working with associations has taught us to adapt our communications to a variety of personalities and styles.

Most importantly, our staff truly enjoys the work we do and this shows in our interactions with clients, attendees, members, vendors—everyone we have the privilege to work with!

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