Choosing an AMC

Today’s professional and trade associations are results-driven and value-oriented for their growing membership base. Potomac Management Resources (PMR) considers its first responsibility alleviating the necessary management burdens from members of the volunteer leadership so they can focus on the needs of their industry. From there we organize and carry out all communication initiatives, membership campaigns, programs and events.

Developing a Partnership

PMR envisions itself as a partner of each of its clients. Simply put, this reflects how our operations and successes are intertwined. If our clients succeed, we succeed. If our clients grow, we grow.

Our clients are beneficiaries of our growth as well: additional clients on our roster mean an extended network of contacts and experiences. Staff growth means a greater wealth of skills, knowledge, ideas, and energies. We tout our ability to provide efficiencies by sharing client best practices.

Over 87% of our current business, both association management and event planning, comes word of mouth recommendations. This demonstrates PMR’s commitment to and success in partnering with its clients to be their finest representative and their satisfaction with the services we provide.

Selecting PMR enables your association to maintain its identity without having to be concerned about back-office operations; in fact, your members and business associates won’t even notice the seamless transition to PMR. The benefits of hiring PMR will be immediate. Your organization will gain from the professionalism of a team with many years experience in association management, while PMR’s collective purchasing power and experience with a range of vendors will keep your budgets in-check and information systems modern and efficient.

How to Select an AMC

When you consider an association management company, take the same approach most corporate departments use before outsourcing a project or campaign: define objectives and goals; establish an operating budget; and assemble a team to evaluate, and then choose PMR (who else?).

PMR recommends that potential clients look to an association management company for the long-run, so that the more we have invested in each other, the greater the benefits will grow for each member.

Below are some resources to help you in the process of selecting an association management company:

ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership has a resource to assist associations in the process of selecting a management company. Click here to read "Here's Help Finding and Selecting an Association Management Company."

The AMCinstitute also offers resources for associations hiring an AMC.  Click here for more information.

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