PMR Client Services

Potomac Management Resources (PMR) is the face of its client organizations. Through our productive approach to association management we help maintain member satisfaction and enhance the association experience with efficient back-office operations and creative external communications. These services provide more tangible benefits and value for both the leadership and members.

We understand the challenges associations face today and consider it our responsibility to alleviate the work of Board and Committee members by supporting their efforts and bringing the intents and purposes of the organization back to the forefront of daily operations.

Our Standard Services

Our client services are as diverse as the organization we support, and all of our service agreements are customized to client requirements. Most associations require the following standard services in addition to specialized requests.

Phone and email service, records management, and back-office operations

Financial Management
Budgeting, accounts receivable, invoice processing, transaction tracking, deposits, and reports.

Board Facilitation and Relations
Providing impartial advice and best-practices, note-taking, strategic planning, and meeting planning

Email and web marketing, social media support, web and print design, and content development/em>

Member Services
Membership marketing and fulfillment, database management, renewals, growth planning

Event Planning
Site selection, registration collection, meeting planning and on-site support, agenda development, speaker & sponsor relations, and vendor management

Program Management
administrative and strategic support for credentialing, certification, scholarship, and grant programs

Our Role

PMR summarizes the role of staff support in an organization under four broad categories:

Project Manager

Staff is charged with making sure that the leadership’s objectives and directives are implemented on time and on budget within the specified parameters. Volunteer leaders should be able to make strategic decisions without the burden of overseeing administrative and technical affairs.

Conversely, staff must provide ongoing, comprehensive information about the status of projects and potential complications. This allows the volunteer leaders to make educated decisions based on real data.

Trusted Advisor

As independent experts in association management, marketing, event planning, and web development, staff must provide impartial analysis and advice on proven strategies and best practices.

For any initiative or decision being considered by the volunteer leaders, a knowledgeable staff representative should be able to suggest several implementation models and inform leaders of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Service Representative

The first contact that most stakeholders and potential stakeholders have with associations will be through staff, whether through active means such as an email or phone inquiry, or passive means such as the website that staff maintains.

Staff must provide outstanding service and professionalism at all times through all these means, as they are acting on the organization’s behalf when they make these connections. Staff must also be well informed about all of the organization’s activities at all times, so as to provide prompt, useful responses to any inquiry.

Technical Representative

As part of their roles as project manager for clients' initiatives, staff will be the primary contact between the association and third party vendors such as web services, event venues, and other providers.

Staff must ensure that all services are delivered according to the clients schedule and standards, and that the association is securing the best pricing for outsourced projects. To this end, staff assists association leaders in developing RFPs and managing responses.

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